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Yana Schumacher

This is the website of the German writer Yana Schumacher.
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WorkJan, 2021

What I made 💁‍♂️

I made a website for Yana Schumacher who is a writer from Germany. I also included a blog where she is able to add content by herself.

What I used 🔷

1. React/Next.js

I used Next.js to build user interfaces in this web application.

2. Redux

I used Redux for state management. (selected language)

3. Contentful

I used Contentful as Headless CMS.

4. Material-UI

I used Material-UI to design this production.

About this production 🥳

This is the website of Yana Schumacher, who is a writer from Germany. This website shows her information, her works, her poems and her articles. The articles are accessible to her through contentful.

You can chose between the English or German language. I implemented the function with Redux.

The background image of Poem section changes automatically every month according to season.

What I learned

I improved my skill of Figma, React/Next.js and Material-UI. I learned how to make a website with the client and according to the clients wishes.

Finally 😎

I am happy that I could make a website for the another person.

Yana Schumacher's book -> Codename: CROW

Yana Schumacher

Jan, 2021


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