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S-A-flix | Netflix Clone

This is a Netflix Clone Application. You can sign up, sign in, choose profiles, manage profiles and add data to "My List".
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WorkSep, 2020

What I made 💁‍♂️

I made a web application which is a Netflix Clone Application. This is a big project in my coding experience. Finally, I think I could now build a web application which I can call "Netflix Clone Application".

What I used 🔷

1. React/Next.js

I used Next.js to build user interfaces in this web application.

2. Redux

I used Redux to manage user data on the client side.

3. Material-UI

I used Material-UI to design this production.

4. Firebase

I used Firebase to manage user Authentication and user data.

About this production 🥳

The layout, color and text of S-A-flix are almost the same as Netflix. I used Firebase and Redux-Saga to manage user authentication. I used "The Movie Database(TMDb)" to fetch Movies and TV Shows data.

Users can sign up or sign in from the top page.

After users sign in, users can choose profiles. And also users can manage profiles. Users can change the name and select the icons from different 30 icons.

After the user chooses a profile, the user can go to /browse page. The user can go to "TV Shows", "Movies", "Latest", "KIDS", "My List" pages from the header navigation. Also, the user can change the selected profile.

Users can see information about the movie or tv-show and a Youtube video. Also the user can add the data to "My List" and delete the data from "My List".

Users can search Movies and TV shows from the search box. Please type some text and click the search icon!

I also made each page which you can go from footer links.

What I learned

I learned a lot of things and I improved my knowledge about React/Next.js, Redux, Firebase and Material-UI.

Finally 😎

If you visit S-A-flix and enjoy it, I am happy. And if you think it's cool, please share!

S-A-flix | Netflix Clone

Sep, 2020


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