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Favorite Songs

This is a web application created by Vue.js and Firebase. Please post your favorite singer and songs.
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WorkJun, 2020

What I made 💁‍♂️

I made a web application. You can share your favorite singers and songs.

What I used 🔷

1. Vue.js/Vue CLI

I used Vue CLI to build user interfaces in this web application.

2. Materialize

I used Materialize to design this production.

3. Firebase

I used Firebase to store singers and songs data.

About this production 🥳

In this web application, you can post new singers and songs. Also you can add songs to singer lists which have already been created.

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What I learned

This was a nice challenge which taught me a lot of things not only about Vue.js but also about Firebase. I improved my understanding of Vue.js and Firebase.

Finally 😎

Please share cool singers and songs, and You can also find cool songs here.

Favorite Songs

Jun, 2020


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