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Blog with Next.js and Contentful

This is a statically generated blog example using Next.js and Contentful. You can use my code to make a blog.
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WorkSep, 2020

What I made πŸ’β€β™‚οΈ

I made a blog example with Next.js and Contentful. This is my first project using Contentful. Contentful is a Headless CMS. It is so popular and it makes applications super fast and it is flexible.

What I used πŸ”·

1. React/Next.js

I used Next.js to build user interfaces in this web application.

2. Contentful

I used Contentful as Headless CMS.

3. Material-UI

I used Material-UI to design this production.

About this production πŸ₯³

This is a statically generated blog example using Next.js and Contentful. To build this blog example I read a article called Create a Next.js App with Contentful and Deploy It with Vercel. And I saw the GitHub repository by Vercel. Then I made this blog example.

This blog is super fast and has a beautiful design on any device. In each post page, the user can see Recent Entries and go to other entry pages. Also the user can share your posts.

I made an About page to show the profile of the writer. You can customize this page. First edit name, picture and introduction text.

I also used Social media icons. These include Homepage, Facebook. Instagram, GitHub. So please replace the default URL with your URL.

What I learned βœ…

I learned how I can build productions with Contentful and I improved my knowledge about Next.js and Material-UI.

Finally 😎

You can see the code→ GitHub Repository.
How you make a blog→ English , Japanese.
Or I can make your blog.

I am happy that you use my example to make your blog app and save time. or if you learn something good for you from my blog example post.

Blog with Next.js and Contentful

Sep, 2020


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